Venterprises, Inc.

A Maryland non-profit organization:


Be PurposeFULL

What We Believe

You were created for a very specific purpose – a purpose known only to your Creator and you.

If you already know your divine purpose, then you are light years ahead of most people in the world – including people of faith.


Why is life purpose a mystery for most people?  Life purpose typically comes into view for most of us as adults.  After we have focused from childhood on becoming good students, employees, family members, and church goers, many of us have an “Aha!” moment when we realize there must be more to life.


How many times were you asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” knowing that you were expected to respond with a job or profession that appealed to you at that time.


Now consider how many times you have been asked “What is your purpose?”  More specifically, “What has God uniquely created you
to do?”


We aim to shift the dialogue about our futures from career to purpose, especially among girls and women – those who traditionally nurture and teach others at home and by profession.  When women live on purpose, they are able to nurture and encourage others to do the same.


We believe that:

  • God created you for a unique purpose that requires you to embrace and apply your gifts and talents.
  • God’s plan for you is not meant to be a mystery.  It is yours for the asking.
  • Purpose is different from a hobby, job, career, and family roles.
  • Seeking divine purpose should start at an early age, but it is never too late to pursue our purpose.
  • Moving from knowing purpose to doing Purpose Work involves personal transformation – which requires sustained effort over time.
  • Girls and women tend to thrive in collaborative, supportive environments, and Purpose Work is no exception.
  • Following God’s plan is the best way to pursue your purpose which is, after all, a faith walk.  Secular education, coaching, and training won’t get you there.
  • Everything you will need along the the path to your purpose has already been provided by your Creator.


Purpose Work is not for the faint of heart.  It is for sisters who are “soldiers” willing to fight for every purpose-driven victory, make every necessary change and investment, resist inevitable distraction and doubt, and press your way by faith along a path no one else can walk but you.


That said, it is absolutely the most challenging and most satisfying work you will ever do.

Ultimately, doing your Purpose Work in this world will enable you to hear, “Well done” in the next.