Venterprises, Inc.

A Maryland non-profit organization:


Be PurposeFULL


You are unique.

No one has your gifts and talents.  No one can dream your dreams.  No one can live out your unique purpose.


That’s true whether you are leading an organization or making individual life choices.


Do you know what your purpose is?

For too many of us, the answer is “No.”


Most individuals and organizational leaders have spent very little time and energy trying to figure it out.


In particular, too many girls grow up to be women who know their purpose deep down inside but can’t figure out how to get from here to there without everything falling apart.


They get “stuck” and can’t figure out how to redesign their lives to be purposeFULL.


We can help with that.


We help organizations and individuals discover purpose and #GID Get It Done.


We work to close the gap between where women are today and their true callings – their unique purposes. 


We guide and encourage girls to discover their true callings at an early age and live a life full of purpose, and we recognize that their parents are an integral part of that journey.


We help our clients design and enjoy lives that are purposeFULL.