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A Maryland non-profit organization:


Be PurposeFULL

PurposeFULL Women

  • R.E.S.T. for Women

    R.E.S.T. stands for Restore, Explore, and Strengthen women to Transform the world. If not now, when? We believe that now is the time for every woman on the planet to run with purpose.   That includes YOU, Beautiful.  Our world needs what only you can offer.  

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  • Young Female Advocates Program

    Every girl and young lady has a cause worth fighting for.   They have extraordinary passion for a variety of causes ranging from climate correction to voting rights, anti-bullying campaigns to hair freedom, personal safety to educational equity, animal rights to healthy school lunches.   They need to add...

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  • New Authors Roundtable

    Authors Roundtable Program Do you have a new book to birth? Let’s #GID Get It Done. Join a supportive community of purpose driven authors who are on assignment and “getting it done.” Receive professional coaching to develop an customized writing plan and increase your productivity. Get the support you need to stay focused and encouraged....

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  • Dance

    Ladies and girls, could you use some of this? Better overall health and quality of life* Improved psychological well-being Greater self-esteem and confidence Improved social life Some fun, creative me-time with like-minded sisters Then, LET’S DANCE..and then some.   Our two independent dance companies go far beyond choreography and...

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  • LAUNCH Workshops for Lady Bosses

    Are you ready to be a phenomenal Lady Boss?   This program is for women who are ready to launch new businesses or growing early stage businesses.   We can help with that. The LAUNCH Workshop Series guides early stage entrepreneurs through the right steps at the right time...

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  • Sisters Unity Circles

    We want to release the combined power of women of faith by breaking down barriers of denomination, culture, race, ethnicity, and language.   Our plan is to identify churches that will host monthly Sisters Unity Circle fellowship dinners starting in 2020.   We will talk about the facts and...

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  • HAVEN for College-Aged Women

    Being a young woman today has many challenges.   How do you stay true to your beliefs and values when you’re finally “grown up” and on your own for the first time?   We can help with that. We created HAVEN just for you, young lady.   To provide...

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