Venterprises, Inc.

A Maryland non-profit organization:


Be PurposeFULL

PurposeFULL Girls

  • Beautifully Becoming Program for Girls

    We want every girl to grow up seeking to discover her unique purpose, and working with the adults in their lives to map out a path to that purpose.   That means helping every girl from an early age to beautifully become who she was created to be.  ...

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  • Young Female Advocates Program

    Every girl and young lady has a cause worth fighting for.   They have extraordinary passion for a variety of causes ranging from climate correction to voting rights, anti-bullying campaigns to hair freedom, personal safety to educational equity, animal rights to healthy school lunches.   They need to add...

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  • Dance

    Ladies and girls, could you use some of this? Better overall health and quality of life* Improved psychological well-being Greater self-esteem and confidence Improved social life Some fun, creative me-time with like-minded sisters Then, LET’S DANCE..and then some.   Our two independent dance companies go far beyond choreography and...

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  • G.R.OWN Foods: Girls Raising Our Own Foods

    The best way to become a healthy woman is to be a healthy girl – healthy in body,  mind, and spirit.   We can help with that.   G.R.OWN Foods is a gardening and entrepreneurship curriculum uniquely designed to: Build healthy bodies by helping girls understand and take greater...

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